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Concerts On The Lawn Artists


Calico -

Renee Armand

Jon Michaels -

Billy McLaughlin –

Casey MacGill -

Brit Rodriguez -

Shelby & Tieg -

Debra Dobkin -

Aloha Radio -

Hilary Parkin -

Jill Sobule -

Jon Michaels –

Larry Tuttle/Novi Novog -

Lauren Wood -

Linda Taylor -

Lynda Kay -

Maia Sharp -

Mood Indigo

Perla Batalla -

Dave Palmer -

Sara Niemietz -

Clayton Severson -

Snuffy Walden –

Scambooty -

Teresa James -

Ukelele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere –


And a special thanks to some of the esteemed musician guests who've shown up to to support our special series, including ... Shelby Flint, Art Podell, Ronee Blakley, Marcia Ball, Perry Botkin, Jr.., Jane Lynch, Stephen Bishop, Denny Brooks, Mark Pender, Colin Cameron, MacKenzie Phillips and more.




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